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Reguration is always complex !!
We can assist the business of Cosmetic Ingredient company.


In today’s regulatory environment, organisations must develop and implement global regulatory strategies to overcome the challenges that continually arise in an ever-evolving global regulatory climate and that result from increased globalisation and redefined stakeholders.



Your delightful partner 

in Japan


CosmeOven provides a scientific and strategic support for the cosmetic business in Japan



Our consulting team specializing in regulatory consulting, marketing consulting, Intellectual property consulting can assist you and take your products to the next level.



CosmeOven provides a necessary resource for the distribution including logistics, customer support, as an independent service or as part of the process needed to bring a cosmetic ingredient to the market. 


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the Greatest opotunity in Japan.


Japan has the second largest cosmetic market in the world after US. The market is at about $20 billion. Choosing the right business and regulatory strategy for your ingredients is the key to being successful in Japan.



 CosmeOven consulting assures that our expert partners and strategic affiliates successfully assist foreign ingredients suppliers with a number of issues ranging from navigating ingredients and/or regulations to building a business strategy.

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Sendagaya Holy town310,

Sendagaya, 2-39-3,
Shibuya, Tokyo 


Tel:  +81-3-6804-6044
Fax: +81-3-6800-1410

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